ROSHTEIN’s Net Worth: How much money does Roshtein make?

What is Roshtein’s net worth 2021?

For those who don’t know, Roshtein is a famous twitch streamer who broadcasts his online casino games live as he plays. This is very common among top players and a lot of them make a good amount of money from it. The platform allows players to live stream their games to viewers who pay a fee to subscribe to the player’s channel. So the end of the day, the profits have gotten from user signups are split between them and the players. But how much is Roshtein net worth

Roshtein Net worh 2020

Ishmael Swartz

Roshtein Net worth estimate 2021 €25.5mil – €30.5mil

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Roshtein is a Swedish twitch casino streamer who is very successful at what he does. This makes a lot of people wonder exactly how much his net worth is and how much he makes from being a professional online casino games streamer. But, before we dive into talking about Roshtein net worth, let’s take a glimpse at who the man is.


Who is Roshtein?

According to his personal website, Roshtein describes himself as a “Casino philosopher with an incredible technique”. As we mentioned earlier, he is a Swedish online casino games player who regularly streams his games on twitch. No one really knows his real name because most players like to keep their personal details confidential. This is pretty common for security reasons as anonymity is encouraged and adds an air of mystery to the players. Roshtein net worth

He has been live-streaming since 2016, (enough time to rack up quite an amount of money) and he plays at a number of casinos. He also works as an affiliate with a few casinos, earning some extra money when you sign up using his affiliate links and play on their casinos. If you miss the chance to watch him play live, he also has highlights and videos you can watch that also act as a source of generating income for him too.

How does he make his money?

He is often referred to as the most popular twitch slots streamer and for good reason too. He gets up to 400% bonuses from casinos based on how much he also helps them make while making money for himself.  He has about 7,000-10,000 views on average whenever he streams so you can imagine how many people love to see him play. It also helps that he is an entertainer so it’s not boring watching him play. This also helps him attract more viewers that keep growing every day. Roshtein does not have a partnership with Twitch at the moment, so he claims he doesn’t make any money from there

Everyone knows how much affiliate marketers make from their referral links and codes. Given the number of followers he has, you can only imagine how many use his affiliate link to sign up at casinos. This contributes immensely to his income as well because when a casino makes money off players, he also gets a cut from it. He makes some pretty big wins even making up to 50k in a week which is huge for even the most successful players.

Does he lose money?

Well like most things in life, there are ups and downs when it comes to twitch live streaming. Even a highly successful streamer like Roshtein who has been playing for years still makes losses. Sometimes he can lose as much as 40,000 in a week which is a hard blow for anyone’s finances to take. It is not always rosy for these streamers and affiliate gamers. You can tell that for as much as they win, they also cut some losses. In a way, this makes them more relatable to regular players as it shows they are not gods. At the end of the day, they are just online casino gamers just like you.

An estimate on Roshtein net worth

Now to the part you have all been waiting for. What exactly is Roshteins net worth? How much financial value has he been able to add to himself since he began live streaming? It’s hard to say exactly how much he is worth. Most streamers do not make their records public for many justifiable reasons. We can only make estimations based on his number of streams, affiliate earnings, and so on. Although most high profile player’s net worths are shrouded in mystery, there are sites dedicated especially to making estimates. Most of the time they are usually lower than their actual earnings as they hardly represent the current financial year.   According to Roshtein makes about $112-$1.44k from his five YouTube videos. If he makes that much from 5 videos only on YouTube, imagine how much he would make from twitch and his affiliate earnings, donations, and actual winnings. We can’t say exactly but, with everything add up Roshtein ‘s Net Worth is more than over 30 Million Dollars.

Is Roshtein a fake?

This question comes up a lot in the gaming community. This is often because of how high risks his bets are. A lot of the time he bets about £50 on each spin which seems unbelievable to lots of gamers. The truth is, he may seem like he is playing with demos or fake money but that is false. He is often transparent about his deposits and even addresses controversial questions which go to show he has nothing to hide.

There are also strict laws that twitch casinos operate under. Breaking these laws can make them lose their licenses which isn’t worth any number of signups they can get from Roshtein. He could also end up getting incarcerated if he is caught playing with fake money and participating in false advertising. A risk we can bet he is not willing to take.


A lot of twitch live steamers make good money off streaming their games. However, they are the only ones who are privy to the exact amount. They bring in revenue for these casinos and get paid bonuses for it. You can aspire to become a top player too if you are willing to put in the amount of hard work and determination they do.

It should interest you to know that you also stand to gain from watching Roshtein play. You automatically get points for watching him if you have a twitch account. You can then use these points to get prizes from his official website.

What is Roshtein's real name?

The real name of Rostein is Ismael. His last name is still unknown. He does not answer this question a lot but on some real-life live streams where he doesn't play slots he says his name to other people.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platforming for gaming. But also other events can be live-streamed trough twitch, everybody can use twitch!

Why is his net worth that much?

Well, his net worth is estimated on everything he does in order to get income, but for the most part, he gets revenue from all the players that are depositing money with his affiliate links. That is a lot of people and he earns from them a trough lifetime!

How did Roshtein become big?

Roshtein was one of the first known slots players on Twitch. First of all, he did not have a lot of viewers, but since the industry got bigger and the community grew he got a lot more followers and viewers over the time past!

One thought on “ROSHTEIN’s Net Worth: How much money does Roshtein make?

  1. sanjay merchant says:

    What exactly is soskill full about clicking a mouse and watching a slot pay (or not pay) a random amount of money? Unlike poker there is no skill level to what hes does. Roshtein uses bonuses that are not available to any other streamer/casino on the planet ie 300/400%, which personally makes me very suspicious.

    He can show all the neteller withdrawals he likes, but I won’t believe him to be genuine until he starts showing screen shots of his bank account. Very shady business is casino affiliation, and if Roshtein was in the UK I suspect he would have been closed down by now or at least Casinos regulated here wouldn’t give him terms as he does from Maltese casinos.

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