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Online Casinos in New Zealand are consistently changing in good ways, the stakes have never been higher. A lot of people now prefer taking their entertainment online. It’s a lot faster, much more convenient and safer for gamers to play their favorite casino games online from the comfort of their homes in their mobile devices. As more online casinos pop up, gamers in New Zealand are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right casino to play with. Thanks to technology, there are now a number of options available to gamers who wish to play online. Not only do they give you a realistic experience that is just like playing in a casino, but they also offer a lot of bonuses and free spins that brick casinos do not. Many of these websites are similar when it comes to their design, interface, and layout however those that are among the best stand out from the others all the time thanks to their outstanding features. Depending on the types of games you are most interested in playing in New Zealand, a lot of the time you will find at least two sites that suit your needs comfortably. Of course, they all operate according to the set laws of their individual jurisdictions while also complying with regulations to provide a safe gambling environment for their users.

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Online Casino gambling in New Zealand 2020

Now before you begin, there are several things you must keep in mind before selecting a casino to play with. Just because there are so many out there does not mean you have to play with simply any casino. You are playing with your hard earned money of course and although many people play for fun and entertainment, it’s also nice to make some money while you play. Your goal should be at only the best online casinos in New Zealand the internet has to offer. This will guarantee you have an awesome and hassle free time right from the moment you register up until it’s time to withdraw your winnings.

To that end, we have rounded up the best online casinos in New Zealand for you. You can choose any one to play your preferred games or even alternate between playing at different casinos. Whether you love table games, slots, card games or any other fun casino games.

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A simple guide to finding the best online casino in New Zealand

So, we bet you are wondering what makes a casino rank among the best online casinos in New Zealand. There are certain aspects you need to review and test on each casino to be sure they meet industry parameters that enable them rank among the best. We know exactly what features and benchmarks such as their licenses, whether or not they follow regulations, game variety among others. There are tons of online casinos available to residents of New Zealand. Before you choose one where you can play at, here are a few details you should look out for.


One of, if not the most important thing to look out for when deciding whether or not a casino can be trusted is whether it has its license. It is a non-negotiable factor as they have to be legally allowed to operate in New Zealand before you can consider playing with them. You should look out for the Malta gaming authority and the UK gambling commission stamps on any online casino you decide to play with before you dive in and begin to play. If a casino has the required legal licenses, then you know they have gone through checks and are legitimately allowed to operate. You can be sure they are not scammers or susceptible to fraud because they are regulated and overseen by the relevant authorities.

If you are wondering how to check if an online casino is licensed, simply scroll down on their homepage and its gambling authority should be displayed there. If an online casinos information is not openly displayed, it should be a cause for concern as the site may be a scam. They should have the e-commerce and online gaming regulation and assurance seal so you can be sure it secure and safe for you to play on.

Support and security

Before you begin to play at any New Zealand online casino and before it can be counted among the best, it must have top notch support. Playing at a casino that does not have a dedicated channel such as live chat, email services or a phone number for customers to reach their support team is risky. Casinos must pay attention to have all this in place so gamers feel secure and comfortable playing on their site. You should be able to reach their team with your questions at any time and get a prompt response. Another thing to look out for is to be sure that they have put the right security systems in place. They need to use certified and proven payment gateways so your money is not compromised. There are hackers simply waiting for an online casino to slip up so they can swoop in and clear away all their clients’ funds.

The casino should also follow the gambling regulations governing New Zealand especially regarding data privacy. They may be privy to some of your sensitive and private information so we made sure to check that these sites all have strong data privacy policies. They should have SSL data encryption and protection against malware.  For a casino to be counted among the best, we ensure that it meets all the benchmarks for support and security.

Payout percentage

Before you start to play on any online casino in New Zealand, go through its website and learn all you can about its payout percentage. This is the total amount you are paid on your winnings. Also known as the RTP (return to player) they should be in accordance with the regulations of the region the online casino operates from. Most casinos payout between 82% to 98% which can also vary according to each game. If the payout is less than this, it may be a sign that you should not play on that site.

Device compatibility

One of the main selling points of online casinos is convenience. What could be more convenient than being able to play your favourite games anywhere, any time? For any online casino in New Zealand to make it into our list of the best casinos, it must be compatible with several devices. This includes mobile devices like smartphones (both iOS and android), tablets, PCs and different operating systems. The software and design of each online casinos website must be impeccable with a friendly user interface that is easy to navigate. If the website and software is tedious to understand or use, players will be discouraged from coming back to keep playing and their rankings will drop.

Many online casinos dedicate a lot of time and resources to their software to ensure it gives players the best experience including stunning visuals, amazing and realistic sound effects that are reminiscent of a real brick casino and a display of different games that have multiple themes. If an online casinos’ software has impeccable compatibility with several devices, then you can be assured of an enjoyable gaming experience.


This is the part basically every gamer is always excited about. Everyone loves to get bonuses and a hallmark of a high quality casino is the type of bonuses they give. From welcome bonuses (a staple with basically every casino) to referral bonuses, monthly promotions, birthday bonuses and so much more.  There is a myriad of incentives available to new players that casinos offer including free spins and demo games. Some bonuses are also available to older players as a reward for loyalty and motivation for players to keep coming back. The best casinos always have juicy bonuses available to their players. One thing you must always remember is that the casinos always win no matter how many players hit the jackpot. When a casino cares to offer its players bonuses and free promotions, it shows that they are not only about making money off gamers.

a good casino will even offer welcome bonuses to their players without making a deposit. This is a way of welcoming them into the fold and giving players an opportunity to test out the site. With your bonus you can also play a few games, find the ones that catch your fancy and learn its workings. These generous bonuses are usually featured on their homepage with attractive banners or have a whole page dedicated to them.


As an online gamer, you must have certainly heard of a few casinos through the grapevine. Most gamers belong to forums and communities where they interact with other players. You can choose an online casino to patronise based on the kind of talk they attract. We scoured the internet and listened to what people had to say about all these casinos online. If people have bad experiences at a store, an online casino or anywhere else, their first instinct is to post something about it. Any casino that has a bunch of negative reviews and posts about it should not be one you would want to play at.

If an online casino in New Zealand is buggy, loads slowly or has issues with quick withdrawal and any other security concerns, then they cannot be counted among the best for gamers. Hackers will not be able to break into the site or gain access to your information because of its streamlined coding. Before choosing a site to play on, weigh its pros against its cons and make a decision that works for you.

Deposit, withdrawal and banking options

One of the key aspects of a reputable online casino is how it handles the financial aspect of things. This is a source of concern for many players because any glitches can cause a delay in your gameplay. This can be especially harmful when you are on a winning streak so it is important for any online casino to have flexible banking and payment options for its players. The best casinos have a number of payment methods available. They usually go for the latest and best ones like PayPal, PaySafe and so on.

These are among the most trusted and safest payment methods out there. if your preferred casino uses any of these options, you can be assured of a fast, safe and secure payment process with both deposits and withdrawals. It’s especially helpful when the casinos’ payment method works both ways for deposits and withdrawals so you do not have to waste time moving back and forth in the heat of a gaming session.

Online Casino games that are available in New Zealand

One of the best things about online casinos is how much variety they have especially when it comes to games. Since they are free from constraints brick casinos face like where to place the physical games, they have a larger capacity of virtual space so they can host hundreds of games. Online Casinos in New Zealand Their variety of games are truly enormous and can be played at any time at all. This means that casinos that have an enormous volume of games will definitely attract more players who keep coming back to play. Casinos in New Zealand that also frequently update their games with improved versions and new releases are ranked among the best. Providing variety keeps your players interested and shows the casino is committed to providing a pleasant gaming experience for their players. Having a variety of games available also encourages online casinos to have a diverse player base. Every player is unique and has their own preferred games so having only a specific type of game in your online casino will only have you attracting a few players. Some of the popular games on most casino sites in new Zealand include

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Pokies
  • Bingo

A great way of knowing if a casino is among the best in your region is by checking out the variety of games they have. They will have also have a navigation bar that shows you how to get to each game and you will even get demo versions that allow you get familiar with the game. You will hardly get bored on such casino sites as they are so many games to choose from.

Can new Zealanders play at international casino sites?

The simple answer is, yes. There are no regulations against New Zealanders playing and winning from international sites while they are in New Zealand. According to the gambling act of 2003, new Zealanders are only legally allowed to gamble online on international sites. So the next time you want to play your favourite games on an international site. You do not have to worry about whether or not you are legally allowed to do so.

Do online casinos in New Zealand have a bitcoin payment option?

Some online casino’s in New Zealand do accept bitcoins as a payment option. These casinos will usually indicate that they do accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Some players prefer to use this option as it does not require the use of actual cash and transfers happen a lot quicker with the added advantage of anonymity. You will have better security and privacy over your personal information with no risk of your private information being compromised.

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

Online gambling in New Zealand is absolutely legal as far as you gamble with a licensed casino. You must also keep to the regulations that govern online gambling in New Zealand such as being of legal gambling age. So far, no one has gotten into any trouble or been charged with a crime for gambling online in New Zealand as long as you only gamble on international sites. The government of New Zealand does not give gambling licenses so gamers have to seek their entrainment on foreign online casino’s typically those in the UK or EU countries. With this information we can state that it is legal for you as a resident of New Zealand to go online, find a casino you feel comfortable gambling with and have some fun.

How do I claim my bonuses on New Zealand online casinos?

It’s one thing for an online casino to have amazing bonuses available, free sins and promotions and it is another thing for you to be able to redeem them. On some sites, the process of redeeming your bonuses can be long and tedious however, with a reputable site that can be counted among the best, it is quite easy. Most of the time they are automatically credit to you in your account as soon as you make a deposit with real money. Once you start playing the different games available on the site, you’ll meet the play through requirements and be granted access to your amazing bonuses.

Mobile Casino Apps

In today’s digital world, there is an app for everything and your favourite online casino should be no exception. Most reputable online casinos have mobile apps that enable you gain access to their games wherever you may be. Having a mobile app lends further credibility to a site because before an app is hosted on the google Playstore or iOS Appstore, they go through checks and are investigated by this tech giant’s to be sure they are legitimate. Players want to have 24 hours’ access to their games and online casinos that are able to provide that are counted among the best.  Any NZ casino that has a beautifully designed and functional mobile app that is easy to navigate and provides a gaming experience that is just as fulfilling as using the desktop site, it is a hallmark of a good site.  The mobile app should also be thoroughly efficient, load fast and give gamers a good playing experience. If an online casinos app does this, then it will have a great ranking among players with great retention rates.


The most important thing to remember when looking for the best casino to play at is that it must be one that is comfortable for you. While we can provide a guide to help you choose the right one, at the end of the day it is all on you to choose one that meets your needs. Before you begin to play remember that you have to be of a legal age to gamble (above 18 years old).

Also remember to only gamble with miscellaneous funds and money you are willing to lose because you will take loses no matter how many times you win. We recommend that you have fun testing out some of these sites before settling on one that feels right and remember that it is all about entertaining yourself and having fun so be sure to stay safe always.