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Save Funding Program for River Restoration


Dear friend of our rivers   - 

We are seeking a renewed commitment from the Federal Government to support the work of organizations across the country working to protect  and restore our freshwater rivers, streams and lakes.  As you know, funding meaningful conservation projects to protect and restore fish, fish habitat and fisheries is costly. In recent years, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has operated the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program (RFCPP) which “supports recreational fisheries habitat restoration projects led by angling/fishing groups, conservation organizations and Indigenous groups to rebuild and rehabilitate fish habitat in Canada”. This program has been accessed by many groups and has provided significant funding, up to $250,000 per group per year for their work to restore their local watersheds.  Next year is the final year of funding for this program.


An online e-petition to extend this important funding program was initiated by colleagues at a local river association (the Sackville Rivers Association), and it has been sponsored by MP Darrell Samson (Sackville—Preston—Chezzetcook).…

This is an official Government of Canada online e-petition. Once the clerk of petitions receives 500 signatures, the petition must be presented at the house of commons, eliciting the tabling of an official government response to the request.


Please consider signing  this petition to extend funding in support of recreational fishing in Canada and sharing widely to anglers, conservationists, and those concerned with recreational fisheries in Canada.


Thank you and all the best,

Amy Weston



Amy Weston

Nova Scotia Salmon Association

Program Manager, NSLC Adopt A Stream