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Mission Statement

    The Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters is dedicated to the conservation and propagation of the wildlife in the province for those who hunt, fish, trap or otherwise wish to enjoy the wildlife resources of Nova Scotia. This will be accomplished by education, cooperation and exchange of information will all people and by uniting provincial organizations having similar objectives.

The Voice of Anglers and Hunters since 1930

    Welcome to the web site of the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters. We would like to thank the folks at and for the assistance they provided in the initial stages of site development. We also want to thank our site designer & developer Scott Joudry.

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    You know that wildlife and inland fishery decisions regarding bag limits, shot size and closed seasons as examples are not made around the fishing and hunting camp tables of the province. They are made on Hollis Street in Halifax at the Nova Scotia legislature or on Wellington Street in Ottawa, Parliament Hill and home of the Federal Courts. The Legislators and Government decision makers seek out stakeholder input and reaction to these decisions.

    The Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters was founded in 1930 by concerned sportsmen who wanted to establish a unified, single, strong provincial voice to speak for hunters and anglers to government on matters of wildlife conservation. This role was recognized by the Government of Nova Scotia when they passed Chapter 148 of the Acts of 1930, the act creating the Federation.

    The Federation has been that voice since 1930 and, supported by our affiliated clubs in the province with an estimated 6,500 members and supporters, it continues to work to ensure the message of hunters and anglers is heard at all levels of government. We have been able, with the help of our partners in government, to make significant positive changes in the province for sports people and the resource and through legislation protected our heritage activities.

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The struggle continues...

    Although we have made progress we continue to face significant challenges. There is continued pressure to further restrict ownership and use of firearms. Threats to wildlife habitat such as urban sprawl, unsound forest harvesting practices, wind farm developments. Threats to traditional hunting & angling activity in protected areas by restricting access. In addition there are always issues around changes to the laws, rules & regulations governing angling & hunting. The list seems to grow daily.

    Those sportsmen who created the Federation recognized the wisdom in speaking to Government with a strong united voice; we would do well to emulate them. If you or your club don�t belong to the Federation, think about the future and the strength a larger union of hunters and anglers will have when working with government in the name of conservation, the wise use of our natural resources.

    We must all work together to ensure future generations enjoy the right to Fish, Hunt, Trap or otherwise enjoy the wildlife resources of Nova Scotia. Together we can make it happen!

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